i honestly just need someone to come into my life that really genuinely cares about me and wants to sit and have long conversations about things that actually matter and wants to go on adventures late at night and wants to be there for me at my lowest points and celebrate with me at my highest points and just be the rock that keeps me going when life gets rough 


I just wanna have abs…olutely all the pasta and breadsticks

johnnycanthang: Your from California and moved to North Dakota .. How was the change ..? I'm for California and going out there next month any suggestions

The biggest thing is the weather change! Besides that, it’s a decent place with tons of jobs. Where are you going to in ND?

One day, whether you
are 14,
or 65

you will stumble upon
someone who will start
a fire in you that cannot die.

However, the saddest,
most awful truth
you will ever come to find––

is they are not always
with whom we spend our lives.
Beau Taplin, "The Awful Truth" {Hunting Season – 28 copies left} (via afadthatlastsforever)